Ashwagandha Blend

Ashwagandha Blend

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Ashwaganda has a broad effect, it improves the condition of the body and mind and contributes to a healthy life. This tea mix brings the body into hormone balance and makes the body strong.

The herb has a revitalizing effect on your body, specifically on your adrenals and thyroid. Ashwaganda calms you down and makes you more resilient to physical and mental stress.

Ashwaganda is generally known to have a calming effect and a positive influence on our mental well-being. In addition, it can also have a positive impact on your energy management, help reduce stress and support a healthy heart.

In men and women with a reduced libido, ashwaganda can act as an aphrodisiac (aphrodisiac), partly due to stress regulation (an increased cortisol level due to stress is associated with sexual dysfunction) and improvement of testosterone production.

Contents : ashwaganda, astragalus, panax ginseng, cardamom, elderflower (osmanthus), oregano, black lemon, dried lily, black tea. 50 grams.

Brewing advice:
Cup: 2 grams
Pulling time: 5 min
Drawing temperature: 95 degrees Celsius
Drinking temperature: 70/80 degrees Celsius