Happy herbal stamp (body/face)

Happy herbal stamp (body/face)

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Facial and Body Stamps

The herbs provide warmth, a lot of energy, have a healing and relaxing effect. The ethereal influences of the herbs affect our nasal mucous membranes and our lungs. The herbs in combination with the heat of the stamps provide a detoxifying and relaxing effect.

A herbal stamp massage is a massage using herbal stamps. Herbal stamps are cotton pouches filled with various herbs. These herbs are composed based on age-old Eastern recipes. We have added magnesium to give an extra effect to the massage. Because these herbal stamps are heated, the scent of the medicinal herbs is optimally released.


Massaging with these fragrant and warm herbal stamps ensures deep relaxation of the muscles, good blood circulation in the skin and the removal of blockages. The scent of the herbs ensures total relaxation of body and mind and brings you into balance. It is an ideal massage for lethargy, stress and fatigue.


The herbal stamp massage originates from Asia. Herbal stamps have been used in traditional medicine here for centuries. The herbal stamp massage is also becoming increasingly known in the Western world and is offered in more and more massage practices and spas. Also a good addition to your massage practice.


Preparation: Heat herbal stamps in an electric (rice) steamer. Simple solution for home use: use a metal colander that you hang in a pan of gently boiling water. When the water boils: moisten the stamps slightly with water, then place them in the colander or steamer. After about 10-15 minutes the stamps will be at the right temperature. Always check the temperature of the stamp on yourself first (e.g. on the forearm) before placing it on the skin.

Massage: You always work with one stamp, in the meantime the other stamp is in the steam pan to reach the desired temperature. No massage oil is used.

For example, you can use the stamps to make circular movements along the meridian lines on the client's back: press slightly, make a few circles and move on to the next spot. After each job you can take a warm stamp. The face, neck, shoulders and décolleté can also be massaged in this way.

Hygiene: Herbal stamps can be used approximately 7-8 times. Allow to dry thoroughly afterwards. If you use them for different people, put an extra clean cloth on them each time. Contents: 1 piece.