Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea

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Our organic Matcha consists of powder, the powder is made from completely transformed leaves. The powder has a beautiful color and is full of healthy substances.

When you feel tired, or even chronically tired, Matcha can provide nice, long-lasting support. Matcha is a superfood and stimulates fat burning, reduces liver enzymes, reduces cholesterol, increases concentration/reaction time and memory. Matcha increases the level of alpha waves in the brain, which causes relaxation and reduces stress levels.

Drinking tea daily can reduce body fat. Scientific research shows that blood sugar levels rise less quickly when people take products containing Matcha. Studies show that green tea can prevent malignant growths. In addition, digestion is improved and it is good for the liver.

The effect is maximum when drunk some time away from the meal. So not during, just before or just after the meal. Then the substances can be absorbed best. On average, do not take Matcha after 5 p.m., the caffeine content activates your body. Matcha tea is safe during breastfeeding.

Contents: 30 GRAMS

Setting advice:
Cup: 0.5 grams (1 or 2 normal doses per day are sufficient. Drinking more is not recommended)
Steeping time: 5 min
Drawing temperature: 95 degrees Celsius

Instructions: put the matcha in a cup, add a little water and stir it into a nice paste, add tea water and beat it with a whisk or matcha beater to create a nice foam layer! Tip: matcha is also suitable for tea, smoothies, cake.

Usucha (thin tea): 2 grams of Matcha in 70 ml of 75 degree water, whisk until foamy (W pattern) according to preference.

Koicha (thick tea): 4g Matcha in 40ml 75 degree water, stir or beat well (O-pattern).

Matcha Latte: Top up Koicha with 200ml foamy, warm milk. If desired, sprinkle with a little Matcha.