Miscarriage Tea (steam and drink)

Miscarriage Tea (steam and drink)

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To support the recovery of your uterus, you can drink a cup of natural herbal tea every day during the first weeks after a miscarriage, consisting of the following herbs: fenugreek, nettle, marigold, chamomile. It is packed with iron and important minerals to support your blood structure, uterus, body and mind.

When you have drunk the tea you can steam or bathe with the same herbs. Put the herbs in a warm bath and lie down in it.

Steaming is done by: Putting the herbs in a glass bowl, together with boiling water. Put the bowl in a cleaned toilet and sit on the toilet. Do this if you don't bleed much anymore.

content : 190 grams of tea

Brewing advice :

Take per liter of water (for the tea), 1 teaspoon of each type of tea. Mix the tea. Let the tea steep for 5 to 10 minutes. To steam you use the same amount.