Ramadan package

Ramadan package

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Fasting cleanses the body, so fasting is popular and recommended if you want to detox. The health benefits are also great. Fasting is an effective method for those who want to lose weight. You can lose weight quickly by fasting. By fasting you also stimulate the production of more growth hormone, these growth hormones ensure rejuvenation and vitality. In naturopathy, fasting is often used as medicine or with the aim of improving health.

Nutritionally speaking, fasting aims to cleanse the body by promoting the excretion of waste products. Moisture plays a very important role in the process. You should drink at least 2 liters of water every day to promote detoxification. Toxic waste products and stress accumulated in the body over years of reckless eating and living habits thwart the functions of cells and tissues and cause a variety of chronic disorders. When they are excreted, we experience therapeutic and rejuvenating effects.

We have put together a package to support this process. This package helps to remove toxins from the body and it also provides a lot of energy to get through the fasting day better.

Very healthy for yourself and sweet to give as a gift to someone else!

Contents of the Ramadan Package:

- 1 x Tea-tox package (drink unlimited after fasting).

- 1 x heavy metal removing tea (drink a maximum of 3 mugs of this per fasting day).

- lohaad Energizer - power food (eat at least 1 tablespoon of this per day).

- Lohaad nut mix (take 1 handful early in the morning).

- Ajwa dates - 500 grams (take 3/5/7 of this when breaking the fast and for breakfast in the morning).

- 1 x raw honey (drink this with cooled tea or spread it on a sandwich).

- 1 tea strainer