Sports drink (Muscle recovery tea)

Sports drink (Muscle recovery tea)

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Many studies have been done on the health benefits of green tea. For example, green tea is said to counteract obesity and the aging process and is good for your memory. Green tea also gives you energy and helps you to recover faster, for example from a heavy workout.

Not only before or during, but also after a tough workout, a cup of tea is a smart sports drink. Green tea stimulates GABA, a neurotransmitter involved in relaxation and the release of growth hormones. Drinking green tea promotes the recovery of your muscles. Green tea also has a positive effect on your metabolism. For example, it helps split fat, so you digest your meal faster after exercise.

Brewing advice:

A cup of green tea is slightly different from black tea. To retain as many active substances as possible, first boil water, let it cool for about five minutes and only then pour it on the tea leaves. Let it steep for a while and then drink your tea. Use a tea infuser if you don't want lots of leaves floating around in your tea.

Use 2 to 3 grams per cup, pour with boiling water, let it steep for 5 to 10 minutes. The tea is suitable for: before, during and after exercise.

Ingredients include: ginger, goldenmilk, nettle.
Without additives. Formulated with organic and 100% natural herbs.

Contents: 3 x 50 grams. (Mix the teas together.)