Teatox package

Teatox package

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Detox tea is a tea that can contribute to the removal of waste products from your body. This process is also called detoxification. Detoxing with detox tea is called 'teatox'. And do you wonder if detox tea tastes different? Then I can already tell you that our organic tea tastes like slightly sweet, herbal tea.

Drinking this tea ensures that your body cleanses itself of waste. Not only does this provide more beautiful skin, but it also supports you in losing weight.

The tea consists of three teas that are drunk together to support a natural cleansing of the organs. In addition, rosehip helps to boost the immune system. In short, a tea that will make you feel healthy, rested and motivated to make the most of every day.

Drink at least two cups of the tea on a daily basis. This is therefore not a cure for a certain period, you can drink the tea all year round. Replace soft drinks with this.


- 50 grams of pure tea mix

- 50 grams mix of cleansing tea

- 50 grams of rosehip tea

Brewing advice:

- Use 1 to 2 grams of tea per mug. And 2 teaspoons of loose tea for 1 liter of boiled water.
- Drink a minimum of 2 mugs per day, and a maximum of 1 liter per day.