Lady's mantle tea

Lady's mantle tea

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Medicinal lady's mantle has been used for centuries as a real woman's herb. For example, as a tea against hot flashes and nausea during the menopause. And it is used for heavy menstruation, menstrual pain and PMS.

As the name suggests, lady's mantle is good for all kinds of female complaints. Lady's mantle tea can be used in all phases of a woman's life. Think about:

  1. Disturbed menstruation
  2. Ensuring a good cycle after pill use
  3. PMS complaints
  4. Too much or too little blood loss
  5. At the dawn of the due date to prepare the uterus. It can speed up labour. Note: do not use during pregnancy! Drink a cup of lady's mantle tea three times a day and it can start labor and make the bleeding decrease faster afterwards.
  6. After childbirth, to ensure that the uterus quickly returns to its original shape.
  7. In case of inflammation of the uterus or ovaries
  8. In the menopause to regulate the hormones.
  9. For an improved absorption of lime (the transition often goes hand in hand with descaling).
  10. With a hormonal form of acne (such as in puberty). Internally, the lady's mantle ensures hormonal balance. It also works externally for impure problem skin.

Content: 50 GRAMS

Brewing advice:

If you want to drink folding cloak tea, it's best to build it up. You make the tea with a full teaspoon of lady's mantle per cup. This can pull for quite a long time (about 5 to 10 minutes). Start with a cup a day. And build this up to three cups a day in three days. After a week you take a rest day.

If you want to use lady's mantle for acne, you can also use the tea as a compress. Then soak a cotton cloth in strongly brewed lady's mantle tea. This can be either hot or cold. Gently wring out and place on the problem area. After 10 minutes you can, if desired, soak your cloth in the tea again.