Winter Masala Chai

Winter Masala Chai

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During the dark and cold days you need a lot of energy to properly protect the immune system. This spicy tea gives a lot of energy to body and mind.

The tea is good for: mucous solution in the lungs, against shortness of breath, good kidney function, good for the spleen, all organs get energy, good for intestines and digestion

Let the tea draw over a candle so that it becomes strong. And enjoy this warm cosiness.

Ingredients : star anise, ginger, thyme, coriander seed, fennel seed, white pepper, cinnamon, cloves, pine needles, orange peel, black tea. 50 grams.

Brewing advice:
Cup: 2 grams
Pulling time: 5 min
Drawing temperature: 95 degrees Celsius
Drinking temperature: 70/80 degrees Celsius